Our Technical Repair Centre carries out any expert technical repairs that cannot be done in other branches along with all tablet repairs. The working environment is dust free and well organised with all the latest technology needed for top quality technical repairs.    

      Our technicians have years of experience so whether your job is a simple screen change or the soldering of a minute part our experts will provide you with the highest standard of repair .

Here we can fix most mobile phone faults and problems, including:

  • Screen replacement, e.g. if your screen has smashed/ or stopped responding
  • Water damage, e.g. if you’ve dropped or splashed your phone in liquid. Please bear in mind, however, that most water damage is beyond repair.
  • Broken casings, e.g. if you’ve dropped your phone
  • Non-working handsets, e.g. battery or charging issues
  • Software fixes, e.g. upgrades and factory resets
  • Hardware repairs, e.g. speaker or /microphone repairs and keypad problems